Sunday, 12 February 2012

The RG Forum Shmup League - Game #1: Sexy Parodius

 RULES OF PLAY - (All rules have been shaped by feedback I have received in the thread visit here)

- We choose one shmup to play.

- The current game time will be a period of 30 days, rather than starting on a set date, like the first day of each month which was originally planned.

- The top five high scorers of the current game will each nominate a new game to play for the next 30 days.

- The rest of the league players including the ones who nominate, then get two votes each to cast on two of the five games nominated.

- Highest voted game out of the five nominated then becomes the new game we play. In a case of a tie of votes. A re-vote on the two games will be asked by all players to pick just one of the two.

- There will be a short period, hopefully no longer than 5-7 days between each game played, to give players the chance to decide their nominations and cast their votes for the new game.

-Once all nominations and votes by the current league players are made. The next game will start immediately.

- There will be 10 different consecutive games played in the league which will make up a season.

- Emulation is allowed. Save states are classed as foul play in a high score run submission. Practice techniques are down to the player's choice. If someone suspects a player has been cheating, anyone in the league has the right to ask for video evidence of your skills if they suspect foul play. You also might get booed at, or internet face punched.

- People should take a little consideration for others when Nominating games. eg. easily emulated and available to all involved. Please keep this in mind when nominating. Modern arcade games may not yet be emulated or the quality not up to scratch. Also try avoid expensive titles such as Radiant Silvergun, Hyper Duel. etc. unless the emulation is of good quality or enough people own it.

- If people do vote for a game that not everyone can play. Then i'm afraid majority vote rules. Especially in the case of modern 360 titles which some of us are itching to play. I just ask for people to be considerate when nominating.

- The use of auto fire is allowed on a game if agreed by most players. Some games it will not be allowed due to it's enhancement of the scoring. This will all be bought up for discussion as and when is needed.

- Games being played across multiple formats, ie. Sat, PS1 versions. Should play similarly, but not in all cases and may have different scoring issues. If playeers bring it to attention that they have noticed a difference between ports then we will select one.

- In the case of using any type of MAME emulator for arcade titles. Please choose the Japanese rom as default. Console emulator rom region version will be decided after selection of new game.

- You have one credit on a default difficulty to record your highest score. In most cases this will be Normal difficulty which is standard default. If a game's default difficulty is set to Easy, we then change it to Normal.


- The top 10 highest scorers of the current game at the end of that 30 day period will be awarded points. Point values to be as follows:

1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th - 1 point

- An additional 3 bonus points will be given to any player (whatever position they finish at the end of current game period, even if outside the top 10 high scorers), that manages a 1 credit clear.

- Additional bonus points may be agreed at the start of a particlular game if for example the game warrants it. A second loop clear for example or a one life clear.

- It is possible to score a maximum of 130 points throughout the season if a player scores highest in all 10 games played and manages to 1 credit clear all of them. "I will personally donate a kidney if someone pulls this off.. or maybe just buy you a few pints :)"


- All high score submissions to be made by photograph and posted in this thread for all to see. Please see post 2 or 3 on page 1 of this thread for current submission details needed as these may change from game to game.

Eg. of submission info needed.

Player name - Scoreboard initials used - score - stage reached - character used - shot type - format used

AmidstStorm - AMS - 213,400 - 3 - Michael - Auto - MAME

- A suggestion for only scores to be made during the 30 day period to be posted for submission into the league. Though this cannot and won't be strictly policed. It would be nice to think somebody wouldn't just come in, post a pic of a score they did 5 yrs ago with a 1 credit clear, when now they can't even play the game to any sort of similar standard.

- You can submit as many high scores as you like throughout the 30 day period of the current game. "I highly recommend this. I like to see people's progress and it will keep the thread busy which = potentially more players", and also perhaps iron out any doubts from what was mentioned above.

- No scores will be accepted after the last day of the date stated for the current game.


- Just post a high score in this thread for the current game in play, or post a comment and get involved.

- You CAN join the league even if you don't play all games, or come in late.

- You cannot re-visit previous played games and post scores after the closing date for that game to catch up.

- Any unknown new forum members joining after the start of the league will have to be accepted by the league players group decision.

GAME NO. 1 chosen by majority vote is Sexy Parodius.

This can be played on Japanese Saturn or PS1, the PSP Parodius collection, MAME or the PCB if you are so lucky.

Score submissions taken from 25th Jan - 24th Feb

*for people playing on MAME - you will need to download a file called otherwise the rom won't load up properly.

This can be found as easily as typing it into google or contact me via pm.

Please visit here


  1. Great initiative, mate.
    I would gladly join the invitation, but I'm afraid there's something fishy about the RF forum registration. It's been days I started it and still no confirmation email was received from the site to let me complete it.

    1. They get alot of spammers so they take awhile to go through the new registrations. Don't worry though mate it will come through. A friend had similar trouble recently and took nearly a week. I say start playing Sexy P. take a pic of your first credit score and then once you're registered, post up your first and then your progress submissions afterwards. I only say show your first score off so people believe you've done it from the off and its not an old score if you get my meaning.