Sunday, 27 March 2011

Playstation 3 - A Shmup Guide

A friend asked me recently if there were any shmups released for the Playstation 3 as he didn't own a 360, and just assumed Japan had all these great shooters for Sony's over-sized paper weight too..

So I thought I'd spend some time writing a short blog post to cover the shooters that are avaliable for Sony's system that hasn't seemed to have followed in it's Father's and Grandfather's shoes for wealth of shmup releases.

Now I own most of the avaliable Shoot Em Ups for The Playstation 3, partly because there is only one hard copy release that's only just about to be released in Japan this month. The others are only avaliable via download on the Playstation Network.

I'm only going to cover releases I know of for the UK & US Playstation Network, but please leave comments if there's any I have missed or any I should know about. In particular the Japanese Playstation Network releases. I do have a Japanese account but rarely use it.

I do not own all these games yet, so if some are questionable entries then please let me know your thoughts.

So lets start with the recent, due to be hard copy release:

Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta! Meikai Katsugeki Wide-Han

The following are all available for download from The Playstation Network. I've seperated them into Sub-genre. eg. Hori, Vert, Arena..


The Flying Hamster


Gundemonium Recollection

Sky Fighter

Söldner-X - Himmelsstürmer

Söldner-X 2 - Final Prototype + The Last Chapter (a recent add on DLC pack)

Who's That Flying?


1942 Joint Strike

Alpha Mission II

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank 
(Vertical fixed)

Hitogata Happa


After Burner Climax


Astro Tripper

Blast Factor

Gravity Crash

Pixeljunk Shooter

Pixeljunk Shooter 2

Riff: Everyday Shooter

Star Trek D-A-C

Super Stardust HD

So there we have it. More than some of you may have thought, less than some of us wish we had. I hope this helps any PS3 owners out there who want to play Shoot Em Ups and don't have access to the rather spoilt this gen counterpart, the Xbox 360.

Like I said before, if there are any I have missed from my findings then please let me know and I will add them in.