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It seems not too long ago that I first stumbled across the news that a new Dreamcast shooter was in development called Sturmwind. This excited me no end as it hadn't been long since the release of NG-DEV's, Fast Striker, and I was inspired to start my shmup blog again. This was back in Febuary 2011, but I still have no Sturmwind lining my collection shelving.
It seems the previous release date on Red Spot Games pre order site was late December 2011 and has now been penned in as "won't be released BEFORE MARCH 2012!!". This isn't the end of the world, as I'd rather see them take longer if the game ends up being more impressive overall.

Sturmwind LTD Edition package


After 2011 being such a big year for shmup releases in my eyes, well certainly in regards to the Xbox 360, 2012 was always going to be one of either excitement or void.

In 2011, Cave repackaged some of their fine bullet hell shooters from their back catalogue, such as Muchi Muchi Pork! and DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label, as well as giving us new releases in the shape of Akai Katana Shin, not long after it was released in Japanese arcades! Others included, Bullet Soul From 5pb Games, Eschatos from Qute (suprise Shmup of the year for me), and a new Otomedius game in Konami's series (please revive Gradius, Twin Bee and Parodius Konami?), not forgetting Rising Star Games' efforts for PAL releases of Deathsmiles and DoDonPachi Resurrection.

DDP Daifukkatsu/Resurrection

So what's on the cards for 2012 you might ask? Well I haven't heard of alot so far. When I say this I mean more in a sense of Xbox 360 releases and physical releases at that. I find it hard to keep up with the Digital releases and although the first half of last year I was buying every 360 digi and Indie shmup I could get my hands on, It soon became apparent that I was forgetting I had bought most of them before I even played them. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps? I even passed on the Radiant Silvergun HD release and I was looking forward to that one earlier in the year, even though I own the Saturn version.

Over here in the UK we never received our PAL releases of Raiden Fighter Aces on the 360 and Shikigami No Shiro III on the Wii, so although I'm not holding my breath for these, it's always a possibility we might see these at some point this year. Look what happened with Duke Nukem :P


The cracking Dreamcast shooter, Under Defeat is getting a HD overhaul and is due for release as early as February. I was so pleased to hear that as well as a 360 release, that a PS3 port is happening too. This will be only the second physical shmup release available for Sony's beast, after last year's Mamoru Kun port.

Check out some gameplay footage of the new High Definition Under Defeat below.


Other releases to get excited about, are a port by Rising Star Games of Cave's 2011 Hori shooter, Akai Katana Shin. This is just fantastic news for anybody not owning a Japanese region Xbox 360 living in the PAL regions. It will also be considerably cheaper than the Japanese release if you haven't already picked it up and they often contain the bonuses of extra content and a soundtrack cd. I can only take my hat off to Rising Star Games for continuing their efforts to keep porting these fantastic games, and hope there are many more to come for this year and the ones preceding.

Akai Katana Shin 2011

Lastly I throw a small mention to news of a Capcom compilation to be released this year of their previous digi only releases, which will include the not so exciting, vertical shmup, 1942: Joint Strike.

My apologies for the lack of coverage on PC shmups such as the Doujin/Indie scene, I began playing some games last year such as ones in the Touhou series and the fantastic Crimzon Clover, but I just haven't really hit that scene yet, as with the modern arcade scene. Watch this space. Any suggestions, or recommendations are always most welcome though :)


1) So what shmup releases are you most looking forward to in 2012?

2) What shmup(s) would you like to see get a remake or new port to a console?

Keep a look out for my upcoming December 2011 Shmup Pickups post, it's a big one!

Happy New Year!

GH x


  1. omg omg omg Under Defeat. Hooooooooray!

  2. @Alec - finally PS3 owners get some shmup love :)

  3. Oh and answers to your questions

    1. Looking forward to Sturmwind, I know that Under Defeat HD is going to be great but a brand new DC shmup is always a very exiting thing for me. I've got an affinity with the DC because it was the first console to get me into collecting shmups.

    2. I'd love to see Treasure resurrect their project RS3 for the 360 but that's not really answering the question! I'd love the see a 360 port of Dariusburst Another Chronicle, it looks like the first darius game I might actually like and has been getting some amazing reviews.

  4. Brilliant roundup sir and conformation of what's concrete so far. We do know that RSG will release another shooter this year in PAL regions but that's tbc - It'll be another Cave game I bet. I was disappointed about the Sturmwind release being postponed but at least they were upfront about what happened - and we all secretly knew it wouldn't be out on time!! I think this year might have a slow start but there are enough players out there for some exiting releases before the end of the year.

  5. @Geoff. It does suprise me that Treasure gave up on RS3 Project, I can never quite remember if they announced why it was stopped.

    So after Akai Katana they already have plans?? hmm.. *scratches head* I pray for Pro Gear.

  6. They out it on hold to see how other shmups (I suspect Cave's titles) sold on the 360. It's all gone quiet for Treasure recently I wonder how well RS HD sold. Yep RSG were talking about another shooter on their twitter account, that news is tbc though - I suspect it'll be another Cave port, Deathsmiles 2 would be a no brainer.

  7. Unless something bombastic happens, 2012 will be a weak year for shmups. With Cave going full throttle into the mobile market it's just a matter of time before retail releases stop trickling on the 360. And then the genre will be finally dead.
    To answer your questions, I'm mostly looking forward to Sturmwind. UD is cool but it's already a mighty game on the DC, so the new release is redundant. Ported to a console? Progear No Arashi, EspRade, Batrider, DariusBurst, Crimzon Clover. Any of those would be great on retail. I don't care for DLC.

  8. @ Geoff - I'm not sure they'll do DSIIX as it's available via download isn't it? Not in the UK though, but can't say ive looked. Perhaps Espgaluda or Mushi but then they got a region free release.

  9. @ Ed - I'd love to see some of the handheld shmups repackaged for the home consoles, especially the PSP ones. I guess I could always play the Game Boy ones vis the Super GB adaptor.

    My thoughts on DLC have changed. I'm now against them, though i'm finding it hard not to buy Radiant Silvergun to play it in HD. Also means i will have access to it at all times and don't have to dig out the Saturn.