Sunday, 1 November 2015

Biscuits For Breakfast

I've been away form the "scene" for quite some time now. It wasn't necessarily planned that way, things happen.
Shmup collecting for me became an obsession, like pokemon. "Gotta catch 'em all".

I used to run a shoot em up league online. 'The Retro Gamer Forum Shmup League'. It's still going strong and I passed the reins over to a friend of mine in my absence. I recently returned after what seemed like years to check on some old friends and reconnect with the community. At first I had no intention of staying around or starting to collect again. I had begun selling a lot of my collection but, the more I talked to my old friends, I realised how much i had missed the buzz of the league and just games. Games of all sorts too not just shooters. So, I have a new collecting goal, somewhat different to my elitist collecting of before but still perhaps just as elitist. You decide. I'm only buying games for the fourth generation of consoles, Neo Geo, Mega Drive, SNES and PC Engine.. all genres too. I just want a solid collection. If a game is bad i'm not keeping it just because it's ticked off a list. That generation is what I remember best about gaming, the Super Nintendo in particular. It holds all my fondest memories of being a kid and playing great games like Super Mario World and Street Fighter II Turbo. 

To cut this short, I just wanted to say to whoever is still following, i'll be writing some blog entries. Collection updates, what games i'm playing, ramblings, reviews and I have a Neo Geo Shmup guide i never finished from 2 years ago. But i'm back for now so expect to see more soon. Come check out the Shmup League if you fancy some friendly competitive banter and gaming. It's where i'll be, at least until fallout 4 lands :)


  1. Hey, look who's back. :)
    Nice to see you around again, mate!

  2. Nice to see you again in the group, sir. Wellcome back.

  3. Hey, AMS!
    How are the new blog entries shaping up?