Friday, 30 March 2012


Shmup Pickups for March 2012

Been a good month of pickups. Nothing too expensive, and some just outright cheap lucky eBay snipes.

Predator 2 (PAL)
Sega Master System
Arena Entertainment

Predator 2 PAL front cover

 Upon completing my PAL/US Sega Master System shmup collection awhile back. I really thought there were no more I needed to pick up, except Japanese releases and Sega card variants. My good friend and fellow shmup collector, Kollision.. discovered otherwise. So I thank him.

I'm not sure how "traditional" a shmup this is but it has forced scrolling... Probably sucks I'd imagine.

After hitting Arrow Flash hard over the course of the Shmup League Game #2, I had a surge of eBay mega drive hunts. As a kid I only ever played Sega machines if friend owned them. I owned all Nintendo until the PS1. I have had the pleasure of catching up the last few years.

Here are the results of my finds. Phelios I bought from Genki:

Phelios (JAP)
Sega Mega Drive

Phelios Jap front

Phelios Jap reverse

Other than the arcade release of Phelios, this was a home console exclusive to the Mega Drive. Released in 1990.

Gynoug (JAP)
Sega Mega Drive

Gynoug Jap front

Gynoug Jap reverse

Artwork from Gynoug manual

Known as Wings Of Wor in the US, Gynoug was a replacement for a PAL copy of the game I own.

Hellfire (JAP)
Sega Mega Drive

Hellfire Jap front

Artwork from Hellfire manual

Another JAP replacement for a PAL copy. Hellfire was released in 1991.

Tatsujin (JAP)
Sega Mega Drive

Tatsujin Jap front

Tatsujin Jap reverse

Tatsujin Jap cart

Also known as Truxton in other regions. An impressive Vert shmup. 1989!

Forgotten Worlds (JAP)
Sega Mega Drive

Forgotten Worlds Jap front

Forgotten Worlds Jap reverse

Yet another JAP replacement for a PAL copy. Perhaps time for a trade off?

Gunhed (JAP)
PC Engine

Gunhed Jap front

Artwork Gunhed manual

Gunhed Jap Hu-card

I think many people either know or may have guessed that this game had a massive impact on me. In part it was the first shmup I played that made me go.. "Oh.. i want more games like this". 

Recently myself and Gmintyfresh played it in our AvsG series. I was playing on the US version called Blazing Lazers and I finally have a replacement for it.

Mars Matrix (JAP)
Sega Dreamcast

Mars Matrix Jap front

Mars Matrix Jap reverse

Mars Matrix spinecard

Mars Matrix is the current AvsG series game we are playing. An awesome (I can't stress this enough) vert shooter from Capcom. So happy to finally discover this game and get it in my collection too.

PopCap Arcade Vol 2 (PAL)
Xbox 360

PopCap Arcade Vol 2 front

PopCap Arcade reverse close up of Heavy Weapon

A compilation of XBLA games. I picked this up for Heavy Weapon.

Sega Mega Drive Collection (PAL)
Xbox 360

Sega MD Collection PAL front

Also known as Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. This release has the shmups, Super Thunder Blade on and the Arcade versions (unlockable) of Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone & Zaxxon.

My final pickup to show this month was a good price and didn't include the Limited Edition game.

The Espgaluda II faceplate that came with the Japanese limited edition of the game.

Espgaluda II LE faceplate in retail box

Espgaluda II LE retail box reverse artwork


  1. :)
    Those Japanese Mega Drive boxes are a gamer's heaven!
    But what about Popcap Arcade Vol. 2? I have the US version and it has a completely different cover, even the games on it aren't the same!
    And Sonic's Ultimate Collection is coming for me at the moment, as well as Capcom Digital Collection with 1942 Joint Strike.

  2. The Japanese MD covers are stunning. 3/5 were replacements for PAL versions. I know it seems silly to buy a game i already own when there's so many more I could spend that money on, but It somehow feels different playing a JAP version of a shmup. Sounds like idiocy, but do you know what i mean?

    Capcom on the way for me too. Mushi HD out in May, Akai Katana PAL release.. sturmwind at some point.

    Have you played Sine Mora yet Ed? I'm not sure whether to fork out the 1200 poiints for it or not??

    Edit: PopCap is the PAL version. Dunno what the hell i was thinking of..

    1. Despite the harsh feedback from the guys at the shumps forums, I heard good things from a few people about Sine Mora. I haven't even downloaded the demo yet so I can't comment any further, but I'll probably be getting it anyway. If only to support non-Cave shmups.